Destinations Change

lfl book cover 3d- Lives unfold at breakneck speeds crisscrossing North America in this raw, explosive, and feverishly passionate story of sex, drugs, love, and loss. As a deeply captivating mystery is uncovered, we learn that freedom can be a double-edged sword, and although everyone has a plan, Destinations Change.

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S.B. Gilfillan headshotS.B. Gilfillan - Author

“…an edge-of-your-seat race with Destiny!”

“…couldn’t stop reading.”

Lessons From Lenny
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The Journey Beyond a Shooting Star.
Lenny from Lenny CoverNBA Champion Tony Massenburg and Maryland Athletics Hall of Fame "Wizard" Walt Williams talk with some of the all-time greats from the University of Maryland about the inspiring life and character-shaping loss of their idol and friend, All-America Len Bias.

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"Bigger than Basketball"